A letter about optimal health

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

I’m going to fill you in on the easiest, simplest steps you can take toward a life full of what we all cherish most…optimal health. A life full of health, energy, vitality and of joy by living life to it’s fullest, regardless of the season of your life.

There is no greater blessing in the world than your good health. And your health is the most unselfish gift you can give to others. Yes, to others! When you are in your prime and healthy, you can give your best to your family, your loved ones and to your friends.

Poor health is usually something that creeps up on you. Unfortunately, poor health is much harder to correct, than prevent.

That’s what this letter is all about… how to improve your health now and prevent disease in the future. And you’re going to be shocked at how easy it is.

So what is this “secret”?

It’s actually quite simple…. Science is showing that simply eating high quality, balanced diets are not enough to reverse or prevent the numerous diseases and health issues going on today. Don’t get me wrong. You should certainly eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables and drink pure water in abundance. But, today’s foods are nutrient depleted, because they come from depleted soils.

The only way to get adequate nutrition is to supplement with whole food concentrates and bio-available vitamins and minerals along with eating healthy meals. Additionally, many of us are loaded with toxins from our foods, water and environment, and many of us are very acidic in our bodies, which creates a breeding ground for numerous diseases. Marine phytoplankton foods are  100% bio-available super foods with nutrients that immediately bio-absorb into your body.

The best foods and supplements are based upon Mother Nature and the thousands of years the plants, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables have been consumed and used for their health promoting effects. No fads or miracle cures here!

So, what’s the “catch”?

You need to be aware, make conscious decisions and be responsible for your health. This means making daily deposits, not withdrawals into your body. HEALTH IS A HABIT, NOT AN EVENT! I am more energized and feeling better than I did 10 years ago. Now that my body is supported, I have been able to stop taking prescription medications and my excess weight is starting to come off!

Also, finding the best whole plant products. Science is showing that whole foods are better than concentrated pieces and parts of plants (as found in many supplements). The combination of enzymes, phytonutrients, phytochemicals only found in the whole plant is best.

So, do whole food supplements cure health conditions?

Absolutely not! And if anyone tells you their products cure any disease, they are not telling you the truth. No product will ever cure your body. The secret is in getting the right support to your body, through nutrition, cleansing, and alkalizing. Once this has occurred, the body can heal itself. Healing only comes from the body and can only happen when it’s fully supported.

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