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Environmental Toxins and Your Health

Why is it doctors now use the term “Early Detection” in place of “Prevention”?

Have we resigned ourselves to an inevitability that we will be diagnosed with a disease? And, perhaps that as we age, we should expect to slow down and have disease over-take us?

Wise use of medication is important and certainly has it’s place. However, we need to look closely at our current belief systems and the health care system we have created. There are many people in trouble with their health right now. If we want change, we need to examinate and probably modify our belief about how health is obtained.

Unfortunately, with the amount of environmental toxins we are now exposed to, we need to take action in order to prevent disease from setting in.

Did you know the following?

  • Over the last 50 years, over 70,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment?
  • Only 3% of the chemicals released have been studied?
  • Every person on the planet is now polluted with chemicals?
  • The water supply in 35 of the 50 United States is tainted with chemicals from rocket fuel?
  • According to the World Health Organization, at least 80% of all cancers are due to environmental toxins and chemicals in our body?
  • Over their lifetime, each American will ingest or absorb at least 5 pounds of toxic materials!

How do we know what all these chemicals do in our body, whether alone or particularly in conjunction with each other??

Whether it’s from the environment, food we eat, air we breathe or water we drink, we are exposed daily to many different toxins. We can reduce our exposure, be we can’t entirely stop toxins from entering our body because there are so many polluting the planet.

But, we can take measures to prevent damage from occurring in our body.

So, how do we remove the most powerful chemicals known to man from our bodies?

Use the most powerful, natural plants on Earth in the most bio-absorbable format! AMP, Plant Life Concentrates and FrequenSea. Traditional herbs (fresh, dried, capsules or tinctures) have helped, but are not as optimally effective against our toxic build-up. One reason is that dried herbs, capsules and tinctures are not enzymatically active (or alive).

Research shows that live, whole plants work the best to detoxify and cleanse our bodies.

Traditional Technology Down-Falls

Traditionally, herbal or plant based supplements and vitamins have been delivered by means of tablets, capsules or tinctures of alcohol. Tablets are poorly digested (if at all) because of the high compression and fillers used in the processing, and may contain chemical solvents. Sewer systems around the U.S. are becoming clogged with un-digested pills!

Capsules are more absorbable than tablets; however, they are typically not pure as they typically contain solvents as well. Alcohol extracts are more absorbable than either tablets or capsules, and within the alcohol reside some (but not all) of the plants’ essential oils and oleo-resins.

Water Solubility is Best

As you may know, our bodies are made of 70% water (over 90% in our brain). Understanding that water is the best delivery system to our bodies, whole plant essences created by ForeverGreen’s AMP process are carried into our body’s cells by water molecules, thus creating a 100% Bio-Available nutraceutical plant product.

These whole plant essences can be added to plain water hot or cold (and it does not need refrigeration). Because it is a pure organic food product (and not a supplement), domestically and internationally certified, GMO free, the therapeutic value of ingesting the best of the plant kingdom can be fully available to everyone without government regulation.